Epilator Reviews & Buying Guides!

No one likes to have a body full of hair. This is a time when people, men and women both, simply love to flaunt the toned parts of their body on beaches and pool parties. Hairy body is not at all in fashion.

In order to have a smooth skin and hair-less body, many of us spend hundreds of dollars every month on various hair removal treatments available in market.It is indeed an expensive and ongoing process.

So is there any solution to make this process easier? Of course, Yes!

Epilators is an affordable and convenient way to get away with all the fuss. In this article, we decided to go to the root of how it works.

What Is an Epilator?

epilator reviewsThe epilator is a hand held electronic device, which can be used by men and women of all ages to wipe out unwanted hair. It is similar in size to any electric razor, but it functions quite differently and smoothly as compared to other hair removal methods.

It basically removes hair by forcible extraction. Even though, the procedure sounds a bit discomforting, the end results are long-term effects and better skin texture.

The main reason why it is considered to be an effective and easy method than other treatments is that epilators function by grasping many hair at a time thus, saving a lot of time and endurance.

This device runs on battery and available in various models. These models are categorized based on different factors such as spring types, rotating discs, and multiple tweezers.

The Best Epilators on the Market Today

Best in $0 – $50 Range

Best in $50 – $100 Range

Best in $100 – $150 Range

How Does an Epilator Work?

The functioning of an epilator is quite easy. It is made with tiny tweezers that trap multiple hair in one time and pluck them off to provide you with a smooth skin.

It is recommended to thoroughly clean the parts of the body where you want to use the epilator. This is to ensure that dirt, lotions or other elements on the surface of the skin do not impact the final outcome.

Once you are ready, simply power and place the epilator at a spot from where the hair is to be removed. Slowly move it on the skin and let the device to its job.

Is Epilation Permanent?

No at all! The basic function of epilators is to pull out unwanted hair growth from the body, and not the root itself.

However, it may be noted that even though it is not a permanent solution, you get to enjoy the pleasure of a smooth hair-less skin for a long time in comparison to tweezing and waxing. It takes more than 3-4 weeks before the hair will noticeably grow back.

Benefits of Using an Epilator over Other Hair Removal Choices

Needless to say, Epilator is an effective tool for the removal of unwanted hair from a woman’s body. This device has become quite popular recently. Many of you would be interested to know the benefits of using an Epilator over other tools and methods like spring, hair removal and waxing cream.

Here are a few of reasons why an Epilator is far better than plucking, waxing, and hair removal creams:

  1. It can be used in any part of the body without having to worry about any risks or skin darkening. All other hair removal ways are quite suitable for removing unwanted hair only from certain parts of the human body. However, the biggest advantage of epilator is that it is designed in a way that it works quite fine for almost all parts.
  2. Epilator is easy to use and quite portable. You can carry it anywhere and use it whenever you feel the need to. There are no special arrangements required to be made while using epilators. You simply plug, power and move the device solely on the target portion.
  3. Hair removing process by epilator is amazingly fast in comparison to other methods. For instance: if you use hair removing cream or waxing, you would need to wait for a certain time. Plucking is another method that requires a lot of time. But, epilator is a tool which is fast and driven by battery. It can be used instantly anywhere and at any time.
  4. Efficiency of an epilator is quite higher than conventional methods used for hair removal. With other methods there is always a chance of missing some hair and in many cases the results are uneven. But this is not the case with epilators.
  5. Epilator works great on complex areas as well such as lip, chin, bikini area and underarms, which may not be easy to reach with waxing and pluckers, especially if you do not have any help. With epilators you can do all the work by yourself.

Epilators Brand and Cost

Almost all popular electronic brands such as Philips, Panasonic, and Emjoi manufacture epilators. They have a wide collection of epilators to suit the requirements of all kind of people.

As far as cost is concerned, epilators vary in prices. The lowest range might start with £30 and can go up to £130.It is always advised to go through customer feedback and reviews before buying a specific model.

Now that we are through with the basic concept of epilators, it’s time to take a look at some quick pros and cons of using epilators as hair removal device:


  • Can be painful
  • Can leave the skin irritated for those using it for the first time.
  • Might not remove finer hairs


  • No creams or lotions required
  • It doesn’t create mess
  • Results can last up to four weeks
  • Doesn’t remove the skin or cause bumps.

Tips for Using Epilators

  • Don’t use lotions before epilating. The skin should be clean and fresh.
  • Cut the hair at the shortest possible length before using epilators.
  • Pull your skin tight to help the device grab unwanted hair more easily.
  • Use talc before epilating to help the device glide over your skin easily.
  • Keep the device in the perpendicular position to your body.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re already tired of using messy and painful hair removal methods every 2nd week of the work, it’s time you take a leap and buy yourself a multi featured epilator. It will not just make the entire work easy, but also help you enjoy long-lasting hair-less body.